PVC Tarpaulin 2m x 3m

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This a 2 metre by 3 metre PVC tarpaulin.

Fabric is 350 grams per square metre with 500d by 500d polyester backing fabric. Coated with PVC.

One steel eyelet every metre on hem.

You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black!!

These are twice the price as those flimsy blue or silver poly tarps but a 100 times better!!

Not a heavy PVC or canvas tarp but not as expensive either.

A fantastic product for the $! I have had a sample out on my quad since winter 2007 – deliberately draped over sharp corners etc and it’s still as good as new – well except the steel eyelets have gone rusty.

The photo shows 2m x 3m over my roller – we are on a hill overlooking the sea. We really do get strong wind up here and this tarp hasn’t blinked.

I hold the world record for destroying a blue poly tarp. I stapled one up over a door way which blew open in strong wind. The tarp was shredded within 5 seconds.

The weight of this tarp is 2.66 kg.

I have also

2m x 3m – 2.66kg – this auction
3m x 4m – 4.88kg
4m x 5m – 8.10kg
and a large
8m x 10m – 32.5kg.

If you are a farmer or builder you need a decent tarp to cover concrete, roofs, make a shelter etc. If you are a home owner then these are great in emergencies. What are you going to do if your roof blows off?

These are not an expensive precaution.

Cover your roof, windows & doorways, firewood, concrete, truck, trailer, building, sand pit, sand, cement, builder’s mix, cement mixer, tractor, bobcat, digger, timber, flooring, bbq, mower, quad, bike, table & chairs, boat, machinery, container – OK! OK! The list goes on forever!

Make a tent, shelter, water slide, canopy, groundsheet, sun shade, huts, playpens, lean to’s etc etc.