mkset SURVIVAL KNIVES – SET of 4 Military Style

These are a flat military or survival knives in 420 surgical grade stainless steel and cord wound handle in a flat nylon sheath.

1st left: 11.5″ overall (27cm) 6″ blade (16cm)

2nd left: 8.5″ overall 4″ blade 10cm) daggers style.

3rd from left: 9″ overall (23cm) blade 5″ (13cm)

Right: 5.5″ overall (14cm) blade 2.5″ (7cm)

Sheath: Fairly basic flat khaki nylon with retaining strap. The largest has a belt loop, the others have straps to tie to your arm or leg. All can just be tucked into a boot.

What makes these knives is the steel used. Many knives are made with inferior grades of stainless steel. “Stainless” is a large group of steel alloys – many entirely unsuitable for blade use.

Grade 420 is capable of attaining good hardness, sharpness and wear resistance of the stainless alloys. Its very high carbon content is responsible for these characteristics along with superior heat treatment.

A simple knife set to take with you everywhere that won’t let you down. Tuck on into your pack or boot for emergencies or attach to your webbing or strap them to your belt, arm or ankle.

At this price you can’t go wrong! This auction is for the 4 knives.

I also sell these as singles.