a3 x 23-to-25cm – Adjustable Paracord Bracelet 3cm wide by 23cm to 25cm Long

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They are for the serious outdoors person but are also worn as a fashion item by some. Very trendy!

A great little gift

Parachute cord survival bracelets unwind to over 3.5 metres and can have a steel shackle or other fastener you can use in an emergency.

The parachute cord is 4mm braided nylon outer surrounding a 7 strand nylon inner.

I have done some simple testing by lifting a 200 litre drum with water in it. I started off half full and added water until it broke. It works out to 110kg breaking strain. However this was better than cord taken off a real parachute which broke at 100kg.

The inner strands are often used as sewing thread and the outer as bootlaces. It is a bit elastic which can be a blessing (or not!).

Many many colours and configurations to choose from

This auction is for a 3cm wide bracelet with a stainless steel catch adjustable between 23cm to 25cm

As seen in the photos

Just tell us the colour scheme you want.

The measurements may vary a little bit.