dam-b8.5 – Exquistite Damascus Blade & Horn handled knife

A serious present for the collector or something different for the hunter. It’s what you give to that special person who has everything.

Exquisitely patterned Damascus (hammer welded folded steel) bladed knife with unusual horn handle with leather sheath.

Every knife is different – the blade patterns and the handle are all unique.

They are mostly hand made which is why the Damascus blade patterns are all different. I doubt this knife is intended for serious use as the handle is to say the least “different”!

Overall length: Between 8.5 and 9 inches (22cm to 23cm)

Blade length: 4.5 inches (11cm)

Handle: stained Horn as the photos show with polished brass finger guard.

Sheath: Soft leather sheath with harder insert. Has belt loop.

Knife weight: 100grams

This is NOT a cheap knife, as you can see. However it is unique and handmade (except for the grinding) – no one else will have a knife which is exactly the same as yours.

It isn’t possible to photo every knife so you can choose the exact one you want – sorry.