Rotary Polishing Tumbler

One substantial brand new rotary tumbler polisher.

Very heavy and meant to take daily use.

1. 4 speed controls
2. backwards and forwards or one direction option.
3. Timer control

Very simple to operate – not computer controlled!

DC motor that drives the drive wheels by toothed belt.  The container sits on the drive wheels and rotates by friction.

Any type of abrasive can be used (non supplied) but the manufacturer says laundry washing powder (dry) is quite good and VERY cheap!!!.  I haven’t tried it though.

Container is 29cm wide 15cm diameter (inside)(hexagon shaped) and the plastic is 1cm thick.

The base is very heavy metal and I haven’t been able to weigh it yet.  But it will cost to ship.  I will get accurate postage ASAP.

Definitely NOT a toy.