Eagle01- 31 inch folding CROSSBOW – 180lbs draw

A crossbow for those that want the extra power.  Most bows are only 150lbs draw.

Takes a 15 inch bolt (arrow).

Has  folding fibreglass prods and a skeletal body.  Very well made and is 31 inches long overall.

Sights are adjustable for elevation and cross wind.

Weighs 2.44 kg.

Has 2 aluminium bolts but one has a small ding in it for some reason – brand new and never had the string fitted.

Take the crossbow to where you are going – open out the prods and tighten the nut and bolt – fit tips and the string, tension, put in the bolt (arrow) and away you go.  But not around me please!  It says the “danger zone” is 100 yards.

This is not a cheap piece of kit and is substantially made.  Box contains all the bits and instructions.

I can get new strings, bolts, tips for this bow.