mg4-2-68cl LED Headlight – 10,000 lux

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Not your normal headlight – I know there are plenty around – some going very cheap.

This is NOT one of those.  This one compares to the $180 led headlights and uses a CREE chip.

Made by a company that manufactures miner’s headlights (explosion proof etc) and are very high quality and light output but with light weight.

This one has a 68mm highly polished reflector and sends out a beam that is at least 500 metres long when on full power.  OK it’s not a searchlight but it is bright!

It has a half intensity setting as well for when you don’t need to see 1/2 a K away!

This unit is very light in weight at 155grams and will work for 20 hours at full power and 40 hours at half.  This is due to the rechargeable lithium ion battery.  I don’t buy anything now that doesn’t use lithium ion batteries, they are way better than all other batteries.

They say the light is rainproof.  The waterproof level is IP44

Complete with headband and NZ charger AND car charger.

The bulb never needs changing for the lifetime of the unit.

This is a truly professional headlight.  You can see the spot of light even outside during daylight.  I use mine all the time – it weighs nothing and it has brilliant light.  I initially had 3 samples and two disappeared the first day as two friends paid and took them.

I never use a torch now as having 2 hands free is so useful and the light is so much better than your normal torch and lasts all night and more.

10,000 lux is the intensity of daylight and is concentrated into a spot.  There is light escaping in a wider area so you can see around.

I also have a headlamp with a wider beam and a diving headlight

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Note: LUX and LUMENS are not the same.  Lux is a measure of brightness as far as I know.  Someone will correct me if I am wrong!!