t0907t – Tungsten Carbide Knife & Scissor Sharpener

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If you have blunt knives and scissors around then this is the sharpener for you.

It sharpens single edged and double edged cutting tools.

Tungsten Carbide is probably the best way to rehabilitate a blunt edge there is.

One side of this sharpener is a “V” for double sided edges like knives and the other end if for singled edged blades like scissors.

My scissors cut cardboard every day and were getting very sad.  A couple of rubs with this and they were better than new.  I mean it!

I have always used TC sharpeners for knives that had gone past the point of bringing back with a steel.

Just put the knife on the table and run the tungsten carbide blade down the blade.  Scissors are a little trickier but just the same.

NEVER sharpen the inside surface of a pair of scissors – they will be ruined if you do.

The blades on this sharpener are reversible for extra life.