t0906d – pen type Diamond Knife and Hook sharpener

Click on a thumbnail image and it will enlarge.  Please be patient the photos are large and may take a while to open.

This is a really clever and portable knife and hook sharpener.

The pen shaped holder is anodised aluminium.  It has a pocket clip.

The sharpener retracts into the holder when not in use.  You can extend it to the length required for use.

The abrasive is diamond chips and the sharpeners is parallel round with a flat surface one side and a hook groove on one side.  See the photos.

The flat surface is used to move up and down a knife blade etc.  The round side can be used just like a steel.  The round side is ideal for sharpening the flutes of the fluted side of a bread knife etc.

Hooks are run up and down in the groove or up and down on the flat side.

Diamond and ceramic sharpeners as well as normal steels are not used to rehabilitate a blunt knife.  For this you need a tungsten carbide sharpeners.

I have all types of sharpeners listed – please look.