hx508 Big 4 Sided DIAMOND Whetstone/ Oilstone/ Hone

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I have been selling diamond sharpeners on TradeMe for more that 3 years and I have just expanded the range.

This stone is amazing. They are supplied to major tool suppliers in the world.

Firstly – the size! You have all seen the little diamond sharpeners which are great but too small. This one is 6 inch by 2 inch (15cm x 50cm).

Secondly – it has 4 grit sizes – one on each side. Yellow is roughest at 200 grit. Red is 300 grit, green is 400 grit and the smoothest is blue at 600 grit.

Then it comes with a box with anti slip pads. Nothing worse that having your stone move all over your bench!

It can be used dry but will last longer if a little water is used.

Unlike a carborundum stone these will not hollow or get grooved up. Neither do you have to look around to find your oilcan!

I only got a few in to try – however my own builder has taken 8 to give as presents at Christmas. So if you want one – don’t hesitate it will be 2 months before the next shipment.