hx516 Diamond Round Knife Sharpener

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If you have never tried a diamond “steel” you should!

This beauty has a 10 inch round rod and has the same weight and feel as the old normal steel sharpeners. It is the longest one in the photo.

I have found diamond sharpeners have more “bite” to them and they last longer than traditional sharpeners.

This one has a fine grit finishing rod to get your knives razor sharp.

Used in exactly the same way you use your old steel “steel”.

I also have 8 inch rod sizes as well as a variety of other diamond knife and tool sharpeners.

Overall length: 15 inch (38cm)

Rod length: 10 inch (25cm)

Rod diameter: 32mm

Weight: 28.6 grams

Handle: Plastic moulded.

Some people tell you a normal metal “steel” doesn’t wear out. Well I have bought brand new ones that were less than useless – and they do corrode and they DO wear out. Ask any butcher.