c-sharb – Little Knife SHARPENER – tungsten carbide

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This is a little knife sharpener that has a pouch and belt loop so you will never be without it. Very light.

Two tungsten carbide blades at the correct angle will keep your knife in tip top condition.

These will keep the correct cutting angle on your knife and make it really sharp as well.

I’ve had one of these in the kitchen for many years and they never seem to wear out.

To get ultra sharp I run my knife through this a few times and then a couple of strokes with a steel or ceramic rod.

This is the tool to get a knife into good enough condition so that you can hone it. However many people find the knife is sharp enough for them by just using this tool.

5 inches long alloy rod with two carbide blades.

Black nylon pouch with belt loop.

VERY easy to use.