12v css – 12 Volt Chainsaw Sharpener

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PLEASE NOTE:  This is a video and pictures of the OLD model.  When I get half a chance I will put up new photos and video of the new one.  Works exactly the same but better!

For years I have been trying to find one of these that work well and are robust. I have had many samples sent but they were something I couldn’t sell.

Now I have one!! This one is made for an American company and fits the bill.

Forget files, grindstones etc – this sharpener combined with one of my diamond bits works really, really well.

Works off any 12 volt battery – car, quad, bike, whatever. Clip on the alligator clips and away you go. Great for a touch up when you are in the bush.

It has an angle guide that is simple to use and automatically keeps the bit up into the tooth to sharpen the top surface.

I discovered that I had been sharpening one side of my chain at a different angle to the other, because my glasses didn’t fit under my safety glasses I couldn’t see properly!! I could never figure out why my saw was cutting in a circle. Now that is fixed I am cutting straight again!

Takes about 10 minutes to sharpen a medium length bar.

I would NEVER go back to a die grinder or dremel again. I gave up files years ago when I started using rotary diamond bits.

Comes with 3 stone bits (they don’t last long) BUT I will GIVE you one diamond bit of your choice. Just tell me your size.

For bits please look at my listing for Diamond Chainsaw Sharpeners.