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Superb quality Damascus steel 13inch Kitchen Knife.

Made in China from Japanese VG-10 stainless steel.  Knives made in Japan from the same steel are sold at over a thousand US dollars each.  I kid you not!!

As you can see from the photos the knives are Damascus steel or pattern hammer welded folded steel.  They look great but they also cut great and feel great.  The perfect weight and length.

Length overall: 13 inches (33cm)
Blade length: 8 inches (20cm) mirror polished.
Blade thickness 2.54mm
Handle: Stained Wood with stainless both ends.

All in a nice presentation box.

You won’t have to pay a thousand US dollars for this but you will get a superb knife for much much less.

These make excellent presents for the wedding, birthday, Christmas, etc or just to give yourself a real treat.