3.5 metre Hypalon Inflatable Boat

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We are taking order and inquiries for other sizes including fibreglass and aluminium bottomed RIBs.

The very best quality boat I could get for the $.

The Hypalon was made in Japan and the two pot adhesive came from Sth Korea. The boat was cut and assembled in China.

Hypalon is the premium fabric for inflatables. Most are PVC because it is much cheaper. However it doesn’t last anything like Hypalon.

Life expectancy for Hypalon is 15 to 30 years notwithstanding extreme damage. Some say AVERAGE 30 years!!

This 3.5 meter boat has a soft inflatable floor with an inflatable keel to make a “V”. This improves steering immensely over a flat bottom.

The tubes have three compartments with the floor and keel being two more.

I should think a 6hp motor would be the minimum size. The tubes extend well beyond the transom. That buoyancy will take a heavy motor – up to 40hp or more.

The fittings are all stainless and quality plastic. The seat and transom are heavy construction and coated with PVC.

Comes with Italian foot pump, oars, seat, bow line, hand ropes, air pressure gauge, repair patches, key for removing valves, internal tie down strap. Everything you see on the boat in the photos.

All the fittings, valves, material, ropes are high quality.

A sign of a good design is the rear tube ends – are they conical or round? Round is superior for buoyancy and planing and helps to stop the boat flipping backwards if air get under the bow. Sadly most are conical.

This inflatable weighs about 60kg and when in its bag takes up a surprisingly small space. Put it in the boot. 15 to 20 minutes to inflate and set up and you are away.

Never been in the water. Just pumped for photos.

I am getting another the next size down for myself as a tender.

I will take inquiries for other sizes inc fibreglass & aluminium ribs.

Please note that these are not cheap boats – but you do get value for money. However why pay $7 or $9 thousand for similar?