-FEEDBACK pages-

As of 30th December 2008 we had 2391 positive feedbacks (2046 from individual members, meaning 345 are repeat customers), 9 neutral feedbacks and 4 bad feedbacks on TradeMe.  That is one bad feedback to 597 good ones.

It is a sad fact that that although you do everything in your power to keep everyone happy it isn’t always possible.

Our bad feedbacks were for:

1. A dive knife, that the customers says took 3 weeks to get to her and she claims it had a faulty sheath – except she didn’t ask me to replace it.

2.  One guy said that his chainsaw sharpener was worse than his toothbrush!

3. Another said his chainsaw sharpener took 3 weeks to arrive – without saying he didn’t say what size he wanted even after repeated emails asking.  Then he said the sharpener disintegrated.  I always replace faulty products at my expense but I have to told first!

4. One wanted a refund because he hadn’t measured his boat and wanted to return his boat cover.  We agreed but we wanted a restocking fee because we have to spread out the cover and inspect it to make sure it hadn’t been damaged.  Then he claimed it was a 2nd but he didn’t ask originally for me to replace it!  All  covers are new and in perfect condition – or we do replace them at my cost – never happened yet!

One neutral said that military survival knives were poor quality, they are not – they are just simple knives made from good steel at a low price.  Another said a an ad113 was ” just OK” ,  another had some issues with a boat cover pooling. Something I address in a 3 page instruction manual.  All covers pool if you let them.   Another said he thought he was buying $150 worth of tie downs for $16 – he didn’t read the auction. Another bought a $1 plastic handled knife (lightweight) and said it broke.  Another said his dive knife sheath was faulty but never asked me to replace it.  We can’t go back any further than 20 pages on TM.

On Zillion we have 11 positive feedbacks (1 being a repeat customer) with no neutral or bad.

The pages listed to the right are individual product’s feedback pages.  It is impossible to put up 2341 feedbacks – it would take forever, so we have been back a few pages to give you the flavour of what customers are saying.

Our policy on feedback is that if you give us feedback we give you feedback.  We take feedback seriously.  Imagine how a physical shop would survive if every customer wrote on the wall outside the shop their feedback!!  We do our utmost to make things go smoothly but we are not perfect, sadly!  We do make mistakes and we like to be able to correct them, at our expense, before you give us bad feedback.  Delays by the courier are not our fault and it is innapropriate for us to get bad feedback for this.  The same if a parcel gets lost.  We always refund/replace when this happens.