ad328 – Fillet Knife with Rubber grip – 11.5″

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A stainless steel fillet knife with non-slip rubber grip. Flexible blade made from 420 grade surgical steel.

Blade: 6.5″ (16.5 cm) long by 1.3mm thick made from 420 high carbon stainless fully heat treated.

Easy to sharpen and will hold and keep a great edge.

Flexible thin blade yet strong. Very light.

Handle: Hard rubber – very easy to hold non slip grip.

Sheath: Double layer vinyl that covers the handle and a belt loop.

What makes these knives superb is the steel used. Many knives are made with inferior grades of stainless steel. “Stainless” is a large group of steel alloys – many entirely unsuitable for blade use.

Grade 420 is capable of attaining great hardness, sharpness and wear resistance. Its very high carbon content is responsible for these characteristics along with superior heat treatment. Of course this is also more expensive – you get what you pay for.

However these are non branded & I buy directly from the factory. Therefore the price is unbelievable for a knife of this quality. A no nonsense knife, high quality, low price. Gosh it must be Christmas!