swhaxe – Small Beautifully Finished AXE/HATCHET

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One really nice little stainless steel axe with stained wooden handle and synthetic sheath. Not too heavy to put in your pack.

The handle is the feature here being laminated wood all individually coloured and a large stainless steel hilt.

Very secure in the hand.

OK you’re not going to chop down a forest with this but around the campfire it is excellent. Also great for cutting bone and stuff after the hunt.

Made from mirror polished 420 stainless steel – you won’t find better. Hollow ground for a sharp cutting edge and ease of sharpening. Hollow grinds give an easy bite into the thing you are cutting.

Length: 11 inches (28cm)
Width: 4.25 inches (11cm)
Thickness of blade and handle: 4mm
weight of axe: 430 grams

This little axe is perfectly balanced with a nice thick grip. The hilt is shaped so it doesn’t want to fly out of your hand.