ad014 – Lightweight, very sharp Stainless Axe

Can be used in martial arts or as a lightweight bush axe – in fact my wife and her best friend have one in the kitchen because they are stainless steel and light.  Fishermen use them for bait and burly.

Featuring all 420 surgical grade high carbon stainless steel construction with NO sheath and wrapped tape non slip hand grip. A good quality axe, well balanced, compact and light weight.

Blade: 5.5″ (14cm) radius cutting edge. 420 high carbon stainless steel gives an incredible cutting edge and strength. The blade is hollow ground for ease of sharpening and makes it easier to penetrate when thrown.

Thickness: 4mm

Overall length: 12″ (31cm) – handle plus head.

Weight: 14ozs (395 grams)

Handle: All steel with wound tape grip.

Condition: Brand new and unused.

What makes this axe superb is the steel used. Many axes are made with inferior grades of steel. “Stainless” is a large group of steel alloys – many entirely unsuitable for blade use.

Grade 420 is capable of attaining good hardness, sharpness and wear resistance. Its very high carbon content is responsible for these characteristics along with superior heat treatment. Of course this is also more expensive – you get what you pay for.

A great simple design and good construction.

This axe is a perfect combination of size and weight. Light and razor sharp.

If you can only take something light with you on your camping expedition these would be excellent.

I sell a pair together in case someone wants to do martial arts training and needs two. These axes can be thrown!!

I also sell singly.