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This site is only here to augment items listed on New Zealand auction sites. If you came here from somewhere outside NZ you may have the option of bidding on any of these items.

Due to the various terms and condition of these auction sites no contact details are allowed here – to be given or taken.  Therefore you have no ability to contact us or we, you.  Sorry – them’s the rules!

You are, however, allowed to freely browse this site for products that interest you.  Most all these items are listed in New Zealand in an online auction site.  Items that are restricted by some rule in one auction site but are allowed in another auction site may have a pointer to where it is listed.

Most auction sites in New Zealand have limited space for textual description and do not show large photos.  Here we can put as much text as we want and have much larger photos displaying.  You will need to return to the auction site to purchase.

If you do purchase any product that you looked at here you will get our email address and you can say how this site helped you (or didn’t).

If you sell products in NZ online maybe we can sell you space here?  Use the Q&A part of an auction to contact us.  We will of course auction the space on that auction site!!  We will do nothing to harm our relationship with any auction site.